United Nations World Food Programme and Hanna Verboom launch a Recipe for Zero Hunger (c) WFP 2015
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United Nations World Food Programme and Hanna Verboom launch a Recipe for Zero Hunger

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 29, 2015 | Washington, DC
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Amsterdam, April 29, 2015 – Today the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and celebrity campaign spokesperson Hanna Verboom launch ‘A Recipe for Zero Hunger’ campaign.

The Dutch campaign aims to raise awareness for the SAFE (Safe Access to Fuel and Energy) programme in Darfur, supported by Nationale Postcode Loterij. With the programme, WFP found a recipe to empower women with knowledge, new skills, the means to earn a living and prepare meals for their families safely. Safe cooking is particularly important given the physical safety, health, and environmental risks many women in Darfur face while preparing meals. These are key ingredients in WFP’s recipe to fight world hunger. Hanna Verboom and WFP are asking the Dutch audience to raise awareness for this cause by sharing their own ingredient for Zero Hunger via www.arecipeforzerohunger.nl

Hanna Verboom: “Hanna Verboom:  “My ingredient for Zero hunger is storytelling. By telling each other’s stories we relate to one another. Hence creating a mindset in which we actively reach out, impacting the status quo and one day soon we will achieve the Zero hunger goal. What is your ingredient for Zero Hunger?”

Every single day millions of women and girls risk their health and safety preparing meals for their families. The lack of access to cooking fuel is a lesser known but serious issue. For cooking meals, more than a third of the world's population relies on fuels such as firewood that are hard to find and time consuming to collect.

Because of environmental degradation and 12 years of conflict, the supply of firewood in Darfur is limited. As mostly women are responsible for preparing their families’ meals, they spend hours a day collecting firewood in unsafe areas, risking sexual violence or assault, tending to a fire or inefficient cook stove, breathing in the harmful toxins, and leaving little time for income-generating activities that could help them build more stable futures for their families. The SAFE programme focuses on minimizing this dependence of firewood, decreasing the serious risks that are linked to firewood collection and providing tools for the women in Darfur to become more self-reliant.

Actress and entrepreneur Hanna Verboom visited WFP in Darfur to meet the women who have been a part of the SAFE programme.

“I was fortunate to spend time with the women and girls in the village of Shagra who are currently taking part in WFP’s SAFE programme,” said Verboom. “I was inspired by their positive outlook on life despite the risks and danger they often face while preparing a meal for their families. The will to live and laugh overcomes everything. For this reason, I am very eager to spread this message. Their stories deserve to be told.”

What is your recipe for Zero Hunger?

The ‘A recipe for Zero Hunger‘ campaign calls the Dutch audience to spread the story of the women in Darfur and addresses the importance of the SAFE programme to increase resilience. WFP and Hanna Verboom ask the Dutch audience to share their ingredient via www.arecipeforzerohunger.nlto contribute their knowledge to this cause and help raise awareness for this important issue.

About the SAFE programme in Darfur
Since the SAFE programme started in 2009, WFP has helped over 2.2 million people safely prepare meals. Thanks to the participants of the Nationale Postcode Loterij, the SAFE programme can be expanded in Darfur to reach another 2.7 million people. With this one-time extra draw funding, WFP will be able to develop activities specifically focused on protecting women and the environment. Activities of the SAFE programme in Darfur include provision and training on production of fuel-efficient cook stoves and briquettes, creation of community forests for firewood and agriculture, and alternative income-generating activities.

Over World Food Programme
World Food Programme is de grootste humanitaire organisatie strijdend tegen honger wereldwijd. WFP biedt acute voedselassistentie in noodsituaties en duurzame oplossingen om de getroffen gemeenschappen te helpen met de wederopbouw van hun verwoeste levens. Elk jaar ondersteund WFP meer dan 80 miljoen mensen in ongeveer 75 landen. Voor meer info: arecipeforzerohunger.nl en www.wfp.org/safe. Of volg ons via Twitter @wfp_nl.