Poor People’s Energy Outlook webinar

September 6, 2017

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Demonstrating how to overcome ‘business as usual’ approaches to energy access financing that are currently unable to deliver on our global goals, this webinar on the Poor People’s Energy Outlook (PPEO) 2017 looks at the mix of technologies and funding required to achieve national and global energy access goals - and the roles of the private and public sectors, and civil society, in making this a reality. It will explore the mix of funding needed to realize the people-centred national energy access plans outlined in PPEO 2016; which were based on the energy access priorities expressed by 12 energy-poor communities across Bangladesh, Kenya and Togo. With commentary from others in the sector, the webinar will highlight in particular:

· The importance of distributed energy systems in providing universal access, and the financial implications of these;
· National and global financing requirements for clean cooking fuels and technologies;
· The role of finance in promoting gender equity and women’s empowerment across the energy access value chain;
· National financing strategies needed to address energy for productive and social uses beyond the household.

First published in 2010, Practical Action’s Poor People’s Energy Outlook series shines a light on the energy access needs and priorities of poor people across the spheres of household, community services and productive uses of energy.

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