Alianza Shire: Energy Access to Refugees

May 29, 2017   |   Madrid, Spain

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Alianza Shire is the first Spanish partnership in Humanitarian Action created with the objective of providing energy access to the refugee population. This partnership combines knowledge, experience and contributions of three leading Spanish companies in the energy sector: Iberdrola, Philips Lighting and Fundación ACCIONA Microenergía; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Spanish Agency for International Development with the collaboration of United Nations Agency for the Refugees (UNHCR) and Norwegian Refugee Council.

The partnership has been working for the last two years in a pilot project in Shire Refugee Camps, Tigray region (Northern Ethiopia) where the organizations UNHCR and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) give their support as collaborating and implementing partner. Specifically, the pilot project has been taking place at Adi-Harush refugee camp.

In the first session of this seminar  Alianza Shire will present the results of the pilot project implemented in a refugee camp in the North of Ethiopia. The second session of the seminar will have a more technical content with the aim of promoting the debate about public-private partnerships as a solution to the challenges in the humanitarian action.

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