Central European Biomass Conference (CEBC)

January 18, 2017 — January 20, 2017   |   Graz, Austria

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Biomass and bioenergy markets

At the World Bioenergy Day speakers from all continents will emphasize the importance of bioenergy in the global energy and climate scenario. Initially, the event will highlight the global climate agreement based on experiences from delegates visiting the COP21 in Paris and COP22 in Marrakech. They will inform on the need for reducing fossil fuel use and the role bioenergy will play in a future sustainable energy society. Biomass is becoming a more globally traded commodity with increasing movement of pellets and biofuels etc. Speakers from top selling countries including Canada, USA, the Baltics, Asia, South America and Russia etc. will inform the audience on biomass as an export fuel.

Presentations from different forward thinking countries will demonstrate bioenergy success stories which other countries should follow and be inspired to fulfill their commitments to the global climate agreement. Speakers will highlight the growth of investments in bioenergy projects, interesting technologies and their developm

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