Why Energy Matters: World Humanitarian Summit Side Event

May 24, 2016   |   Istanbul, Turkey

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How Energy Access Can Transform the Lives of Those Most at Risk of Being Left Behind and Transcend the Humanitarian-Development Divide

13:00 -14:30
Hisar Lüfti Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center (LKCC)
#EnergyMatters #MovingEnergy #ShareHumanity @SafeFuelEnergy

The aim of this side event will be to focus attention on the urgency and benefits of sustainably improving energy access for displaced communities; to educate humanitarian implementers on the energy access solutions and innovations that can work in humanitarian settings; and to set out practical next steps for change. Panelists will discuss the challenges around energy access in humanitarian settings, and will provide recommendations and concrete next steps on how to fill this major gap in humanitarian response.

The event will take the form of a roundtable discussion with approximately 30 senior figures from governments, humanitarian agencies and the private sector. Introductory remarks will be provided by members of the SAFE Humanitarian Working Group, Moving Energy Initiative, and a refugee community representative, who will explain the current challenges and opportunities around energy access in humanitarian settings. We will then host an active discussion of practical steps to achieve cleaner, sustainable energy access in humanitarian settings in line with both energy access (SE4All) and national development goals (SDGs) with views from donors, NGOs, private sector companies, and UN agencies.

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