StovePlus Academy 2015

November 2, 2015 — November 6, 2015   |   Accra, Ghana

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This November 2015, StovePlus will host its second annual StovePlus Academy. The focus of this year’s academy will be on distribution and marketing.  The weeklong Academy will be composed of a mix of field visits and classroom sessions. There will also be work sessions and participant presentations. Participants will arrive with a view of their actual distribution and marketing system, and leave with an implementation plan that includes a practical map of the channels they will develop in 2016 and at least three marketing techniques that they will apply.

StovePlus Academy General Objective:

Inspired by the Aprovecho stove camps, in 2014 GERES designed a five-day workshop called StovePlus Academy. Aprovecho’s USA based Stove Camps host primarily English speaking cookstove experts for a one week seminar which includes discussions, building or prototyping stoves, conducting experiments and learning about the testing processes and general knowledge sharing. The primary objective of these camps is to create worldwide collaboration to move the improved cookstove industry forward. However, language, travel costs and visa issues remain a barrier for many Africans that would like to participate. The StovePlus Academy activities are conducted in French and English, are specifically designed for African Entrepreneurs and African energy program implementers who either already have existing energy businesses or are contributing to the implementation of projects. The objective of StovePlus Academy is to increase continent wide collaboration and knowledge about the industry, to strengthen African Entrepreneurs capacity improve their businesses, and to contribute to the overall commercialization of energy efficient and clean cooking devices across Africa.

StovePlus Academy 2014 Kenya Results:

Last year’s Academy results include participants improving their production facility and improving their tooling/equipment and two participants that are now producing new improved stove models and increasing their product lines.

StovePlus Academy 2015 Ghana: Distribution and Marketing

The 2015 StovePlus Academy will be held in Ghana, the week before the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Forum. StovePlus will accept up to twenty (20) participants into the Academy. Trainers and presenters are composed of international stove experts and local stove businesses.

In the cookstove sector, the programs and individual companies that reached scale all found solutions to establishing themselves as brands, gain customer loyalty, and developing a sales network.  But many local cookstove entrepreneurs have limited distribution systems and non-existent marketing. This is due in part to the fact that setting up and sustainably managing a distribution system requires time, collaboration (trust) and credit lines. Marketing also takes time and/or money.

StovePlus realizes that expanding a business through retailers and creating a recognized brand is challenging but can be accomplished with low cost approaches and well planned strategy. This year’s StovePlus Academy will help participants develop practical plans for expanding their distribution and increasing their brand appeal to consumers.

The proposed schedule:




Day 1: Nov 2

Morning Session: Introduction and review of StovePlus Academy 2014

Morning Session 2: Participant presentations & discussion

Afternoon Sessions: Introduction to distribution and marketing

Day 2: Nov 3

All Day Field Visit: Toyola's distribution system and marketing approaches

Day 3: Nov 4

All Day Field Visit:  Cookclean market demonstration, discussions with retailers, and local market visits

Day 4: Nov 5

Morning Sessions: Case Studies from Ghana, Haiti, Malawi, Mali, Cambodia

Afternoon Session 1: Developing the tools for distribution system

Afternoon Session 2: The role of carbon credit in distribution, marketing and monitoring

Day 5: Nov 6

Morning Session 1: Burn Manufacturing—Distribution and Marketing in Kenya

Morning Session 2: Finalizing participants distribution and marketing plans

Afternoon Sessions: Presenting plans and obtaining feedback

Expected Outcome:

Participating African cookstove entrepreneurs will leave having:

  • A practical map of the channels they will develop in 2016 and at least three marketing techniques that they will apply.
  • Increased understanding of the various types of distribution systems applied by other clean energy entrepreneurs
  • Improved understanding of the various and most effective marketing activities and strategies (high and low cost, above and below the line) used by other businesses in the industry
  • A strategy on next steps to improve and expand their businesses

What participants must bring:

  • At least one of the stove models that they are currently producing in country
  • The marketing and distribution plan template draft completed
  • A commitment to apply the plans created during the StovePlus Academy

Timing, Accommodation and Costs for:

The StovePlus Academy will take place from November 2 to the 6th in Accra (Ghana). Attendees are expected to arrive the Sunday before the Academy and can leave by the 7th of November. In order to encourage fraternizing, lodging will be shared accommodations composed of two to three participants per apartment, with individual bedrooms. The apartments will be rented for one week, from Sunday November 1st until Saturday November 7th, 2015. If participants desire, they are welcome to stay through the GACC forum but they are responsible for finding accommodations after the 7th and responsible for any costs incurred beyond the academy dates.

After last year’s StovePlus Academy, StovePlus had some assurance of secured funding for the 2015 Academy. This funding is, however, no longer available and thus StovePlus has designed this Academy with the aim of a cost share: 1) From StovePlus’ internal funds, 2) From NGO’s and Donors willing to fund the effort, and 3) From participants or participants’ organizations at an extremely subsidized level, if the additional funding is not found. 

StovePlus will pay one hundred percent of the fees for six selected African Entrepreneurs and program implementers. For non-StovePlus supported individuals or organizations that are paying for employees, the cost is subsidized at €650 ($730) per person for the 5 day activity for international participants (and participants that require housing) and €375  ($450) for the 5 days for local participants that do not require lodging. As funding is secured, the participant contribution will be reduced.

This fee includes local transportation during the event, lodging and most meals. Per diems, visa costs, airfare and transport for non StovePlus Academy organized outings are not included in this amount. Health Care and travel insurance are the participant's responsibility. StovePlus Academy will oversee the submission and receipt of all visas for this event.

For questions and additional information, please contact the organizers below.

Contact :

Judith Bel
StovePlus Regional Director Africa
+221 771 627 999

Elisha Moore-Delate
StovePlus Academy Coordinator
+254 714 363 086


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