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World Vision (WV) is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice for the wellbeing of children. The organization implements its activities through Area Development Programs (ADPs) as an entry point into the community as well as refugee camps in Kakuma and Dadaab in Kenya. WV is cognizant of the fact that the well-being of children cannot fully be achieved without addressing energy and environmental issues in refugee camps, as well as in rural households that currently rely on biomass as their main source of energy, especially for cooking. This results in high deforestation rates, contributes to global climate change, and causes significant health issues.  

Why World Vision Kenya Joined the SAFE Humanitarian Working Group

The increasing land degradation and high investment costs associated with firewood have contributed to the decline of livelihoods in both refugee camps and rural and peri-urban areas of Kenya. Additionally, the use of biomass for cooking is inefficient and negatively impacts the health of women and their children, due to the smoke of open fires in the kitchen during food preparation. In Kenya, burning biomass creates indoor air pollution, which causes respiratory diseases and eye damage, accounting for approximately 26% of patients in Kenyan hospitals. Moreover open fires present a risk for accidents, causing burns to people as well as household fires. Unfortunately, there are very few alternative energy sources available, particularly for those in refugee camps and rural environments. Biomass can be burned without further processing, is locally available, and is comparatively affordable.   

It is against this backdrop that WV advocates for the promotion of safe access to clean energy in refugee and rural households in order to achieve the objective of improved child well-being, reduced deforestation, and a reduced contribution to global climate change.


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