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PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for this database, your project must address energy access in a humanitarian context—i.e. it assists refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), or other crisis-affected populations with their cooking, heating, lighting, and/or powering needs.

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About the Project* Write a short paragraph explaining the context and purpose of your project. What "need" does your project address?
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Beneficiaries Describe the group of people your project aims to assist. Information might include age, gender, nationality, population size, or situation (e.g. refugees, IDPs, or those affected by natural disaster).
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Project Results

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Successes What were the final outcomes of your project? (e.g. number of products delivered, reduction in fuel use, deforestation prevented, money saved, behavior change, other)
Lessons Learned Describe any challenges that you encountered or best practices you developed that can improve future projects.
How is your project documented?* e.g. Project report, impact evaluation, donor report, logical framework, other?
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