Gaia Association

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The Gaia Association is an Ethiopian resident charity located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Gaia seeks to revolutionize the Ethiopian household energy economy by introducing new alcohol/ethanol appliance technology and promoting ethanol CLEANCOOK stoves and Ethanol Micro Distilleries (EMDs). Gaia's mission is to promote clean, safe, sustainable, and renewable energy for cooking and other household needs, displacing the reliance on fossil fuels, firewood, and charcoal; reducing carbon emissions and deforestation by employing efficient alcohol-fueled stoves and other appliances

Why the Gaia Association Joined the SAFE Humanitarian Working Group

The Gaia Association is well-versed in the provision of clean and safe household energy in humanitarian situations and has been actively working in Ethiopian refugee camps since 2005. Gaia is an implementing partner of UNHCR and works extensively with the Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA). To date, Gaia has overseen the distribution of more the 7,000 clean cookstoves and three million liters of ethanol, in addition to the implementation of energy provision programs using other fuels. Gaia can contribute to the SAFE Humanitarian Working Group by sharing its experience and helping to build a strong evidence base rooted in years of on-the-ground experience. Gaia is also eager to engage with those in the sector to work towards better meeting the needs of people living in crisis. 


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