Associate Programme Officer, Energy & Environment

Organization: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Closes: May 5, 2017

Position level: P3 level, UNOPS contract
Duration: Until 31 December 2017 with potential for extension
Reporting to: Senior Energy Officer, Division of Programme Support and Management

Energy access and environmental management need to be considered in humanitarian operations to enhance the well-being and protection of affected populations, and the sustainability of operations. The majority of refugees rely on their surrounding natural environment for food, water, livelihoods, shelter and fuel. However, a large population in an area can put substantial pressure on the surrounding resources, with consequences for persons dependent on the surrounding environment. Additionally, limited access to energy can have severe repercussions on the socio-economic situation and safety of refugees.

The UNHCR Energy and Environment Unit is responsible for providing technical support, strategic advice and developing tools and methodologies for improved programmes. It has implemented measures to address these issues, including increasing access to clean cooking solutions, community and household lighting, increased use of renewable energy, in addition to implementing environmental activities such as land rehabilitation, waste management and linking to national development plans.

To further support its work in strengthening partnerships and effectiveness of Energy and Environment programming, the Unit at UNHCR Headquarters is now seeking an Associate Programme Officer (Energy and Environment).

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Internship, Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Programmes Unit

Organization: World Food Programme (WFP)
Location: Rome, Italy
Closes: May 7, 2017

WFP launched a crucial programme on Safe Access to Fuel and Energy in Humanitarian Settings (SAFE – to promote a coordinated humanitarian response to the challenges associated with the collection, supply and use of cooking fuel.  The SAFE approach combines solutions to protection concerns associated with firewood collection, environmental awareness, health improvement and livelihood creation. WFP is working with its partners to make safe access to cooking fuel and fuel efficient stoves a reality for 10 million WFP beneficiaries by 2020, through the SAFE initiative, by targeting WFP assisted households and schools. SAFE interventions have commenced in Sudan and Uganda with plans to be rolled out in several countries with large displacement populations, such as Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

The Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Programmes Unit (OSZIR) is a unit in WFP HQ that provides guidance and support to a range of activities including household-level micro-insurance programmes, carrying out climate analyses to better understand the impact of climate risk on food security and nutrition, helping governments implement adaptation projects on the ground, as well as developing innovative climate risk management tools – programmatic and financing mechanisms. The unit also provides support to climate resilience building programming, carbon credits and fuel efficient cook stoves.

The intern will work within the OSZIR team to provide support to the SAFE Programme and help roll-out SAFE programmes within WFP operations and support WFP’s commitment to help 10 million people safely prepare their meals by 2020.

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